Wood Pellet Stoves

wood pellets for pellet stovesAs gas, oil and electricity prices rise many people in the UK are turning to solid fuel burning stoves including Wood Pellet Stoves to heat their homes.

Wood pellet burning stoves are more convenient to use than conventional wood stoves. They are safer, cleaner and produce less air pollution by efficiently and cheaply converting biomass in the form of Wood Pellet Fuel to heat while giving off almost no wood smoke, helping to protect the environment.

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We currently stock a range of stoves from Artel wood pellet stovesArtel Pellet Stove

Wood Pellet Stoves burn pellet fuel so completely that there is very little creosote build-up in the flue and they do not require cleaning as frequently as conventional wood-burning stoves. The small amount of ash they produce has to be removed periodically but can be used as a garden fertiliser.

We currently stock stoves from Artel pellet stoves including one model, the Artel 14, that can also provide hot water and central heating.

These modern stoves use sophisticated clean burn methods and can be installed in houses that do not allow traditional open fires and are a much more efficient way to heat a room.

Pellet Stove Installation is not expensive and the Pellet Stoves are cheap to run.

The wood pellet fuel they burn is a renewable, clean burning biomass fuel made from recycled wood waste or sawdust. wood pellets for pellet stoves

The use of biomass fuel is a 'carbon neutral' process. The carbon dioxide released by burning is balanced by that absorbed by the tree during its growth.

The ash from the Wood Pellet Fuel which is rich in minerals can be recycled to fertilise forests, parks or gardens.

The wood pellets are fed into the pellet stove as needed and the stove temperature is set by microprocessors controlling of the feed rate of the pellets.

Modern Wood Pellet Stoves are now stylish home furnishings with contemporary portrait styling, large glass windows and ceramic cladding in attractive colours. Pellet stoves also have remote controls for electronic ignition and temperature control making them safe, attractive and easy to use.

At the moment, wood pellet burning stoves must comply with UK Building Regulations Part J (or Part F in Scotland). They must have the same flues as other wood burning stoves. Pellet Stove Installation should reflect this. Changes to the UK Building Regulations in the future may reflect the differences between pellet Stoves and conventional wood burners and different flue arrangements may become possible.

Wood Pellet Stoves UK are based in Stockport, Manchester UK. We not only sell Pellet Stoves to the UK, we can supply Wood Pellet Fuel in the Stockport and the Greater Manchester Area. We also able to undertake Pellet Stove Installation in Stockport, Manchester and the surrounding areas.