Firefox 8 Stove

Multifuel Firefox 8 Stove


The Firefox 8 is a medium sized, traditional style, cast iron stove with a large pyroceramic door/window for easy access.

It has an easily controllable output of up to 8.5kW - sufficient for very large rooms or barges.

A controllable airwash system prevents discolouration of the window and aids combustion.

A rotating riddling grate to help in de-ashing the fire.
Both Black and Brushed Steel "cool touch" handles included.

The legs can be mounted flush or recessed under the flange.


  • Size
  • Overall Width
    22 inches (56.5 cm)
  • Overall Height
    24 inches (61 cm)
  • Overall Depth
    14.5 inches (36 cm)
  • Flue Diameter
    6 inches (15 cm)
  • Approved to European standard EN13240
  • 79% efficiency.
  • Controllable Heat Output up to 8.4kW.
  • Top or Rear Flued 6 inch (15cm) diameter.
  • Optional Wood Burning Kit allows more fuel to be loaded used for wood / logs £60
  • Also available as a gas fired version