Arbeia Juno 5 5kW Stove

Arbeia Juno 5 5kW Stove


The Juno is a simple but solid british made steel stove with an extra large glass window inside an arched design castiron door.

The very wide window screen allows for the maximum possible viewing area.

A multi-fuel grate allows the stove to burn seasoned wood and smokeless fuels.

The Juno benefits from Triple Burn Technology consisting of Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (lever above door) and Tertiary Air (inlets inside the rear of the stove).

£799 matt black

  • Size
  • Overall Width
    19.3 inches (49 cm)
  • Overall Height
    23 inches (58.3 cm)
  • Overall Depth
    11.5 inches (29.3 cm)
  • Max output 5kW
  • Efficiency 79% when burning wood
  • Weight 74kg
  • Approved for use in smoke exempt zones when burning wood