Esse Autovector Stove Esse Autovector Stove Esse Autovector Stove

Esse Autovector Stove with electric fire


An Esse Autovector stove, made in the Esse factory at bonnybridge in Scotland.

It is a great example of 1950s / 1960s design,and very well engineered.

The stove is made from cast iron, enamelled in a brown lustre enamel, which has a pronounced purple tint.

It is very unusual in that it has a small lift-out electric fire that was meant to be used if you didn't wish to light a real fire.

The electric fire , because of its poor guard, would no longer be allowed to be used as a working fire, but the main solid fuel stove is very servicable and should give many years good service.

The stove is primarily designed to burn anthracite, but would burn modern smokeless fuels equally well.

Condition: VERY GOOD


  • Size
  • Overall Width
    23 inches ( cm)
  • Overall Height
    25 inches ( cm)
  • Overall Depth
    12 inches ( cm)
  • Flue Width
    inches ( cm)
  • Flue Height
    5 inches ( cm)
  • Heat output up to 5 kW
1950s Godin Stove 1950s Godin Stove 1950s Godin Stove

1950s Godin Stove


This 1950s stove by the Godin Co. was made in France.

It is primarily designed to burn coal, and would suit all smokeless fuels or small briquette type "green" fuels.

It will happily burn smaller wood logs, but will perform best with coal sized fuels.

It is of a double skin construction. The outer shell is Vitreous enamelled cast iron, with a steel and cast iron inner combustion chamber that is lined with fireclay.

The enamel on this model is dark ( teapot) brown.

It is controlled by a single circular air intake vent, which is below the two roughly oval windows. These windows glow like eyes when the stove is lit.

The flue outlet is to the back of the stove

The black knob to the right is a riddler and the fuel is fed in from a top lid.

This will be a very efficient stove and will rival much more modern ones. The likely output will be about 4 kw.

It is designed for continous use and will burn overnight.

You can easily burn this stove for several weeks and not let it go out.

A door in the front allows access to the burning chamber to remove any build-up of clinker.

Condition:VERY GOOD


  • Size
  • Overall Width
    13.5 inches ( cm)
  • Overall Height
    22.5 inches ( cm)
  • Overall Depth
    132 inches ( cm)
  • Flue Width
    3.25 inches ( cm)
  • Flue Height
    inches ( cm)
  • Heat output up to 4 kW